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Adventures of Tom Cruise with Fangs

Note to self: Tessa is a nifty thing to have when things feel either a) boring or b) completely out of control. I really don't know how she manages to keep her cool when it seems like things are all of a sudden going to crumble apart.

Anyway, while the slayers were off on their own little thing and god knows where we decided that it was no fun just to sit around and do nothing. That'll drive a person insane.

Xander went off to check over some things in the hotel, business stuff, of course. Willow was still asleep while I took care of Morrigan, and Tessa ran out for food that will eventually clog all of our arteries. Plus she got movies, thus solving the boredom of waiting for something to happen.

Interview With The Vampire, gotta love the girl's taste in humor. Plus, Tom Cruise with fangs is on the list of most girls fantasies. Even sisters who are Slayers who will insist that it's not one of hers.

Morrigan was fast asleep in my arms. I'm sure she was exhausted from all the noise and action lately. Besides she was just a tiny infant. We kept the volume down on the movie so she could sleep soundly. At least one of us should get a good night sleep.

"Good pick," I told Tessa softly as I propped my feet up on another nearby chair. I glanced to her on the bed. We had found a VCR in one of the suites.

I could eat later. Right now, I just wanted to hold Morrigan. I hoped that she felt safe.
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