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Not really the welcome I expected...

When I got back to the Hyperion Faith was having a heated discussion with someone that looked a lot like her only older. They were being all hostile. I tried to intervene, and the lady got all hostile with me. She even drew a gun. When I was away on buisness I accquired a high-end security company. I brought a few of them with me to guard the hotel.

Right about when the bitch from hell was leaving Buffy, Willow, Tessa, and Dawn walked in. I was just about to talk to Faith about who the woman was and what the hell she was talking about when Faith walked over to Buff and took her away to talk to her. I guess I shouldn't have expected Buff or Willow to even acknowledge my prescence. After all of these years I should be used to it I guess.

I told Dawn that I'd see her a little later and went up stairs to finish up some buisness. My secretary already had a ton of messages for me that I had gotten on my flight to L.A. I flipped through them and took care of the most pressing matters. Then I called the head guy of the security company and told him to send twelve of his top guys as fast as he could to L.A.

I dismissed Shirley, told her to have some off time, sleep or whatever she wanted to do. Before I did I told her to call the local florist and have her send a dozen roses of various colors for each month that I was gone and to have the security guy at the door deliver them to Dawn's room.

I decided to take a shower since I always felt gross after a long flight. I turned up the heat of the shower and got in. I just stood there and let the hot water beat down on me and tried to remember a reason besides Dawn why I came back here.
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