Wesley Wyndham Pryce (exiledwatcher) wrote in back_to_slay,
Wesley Wyndham Pryce

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This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang...

They were all so frozen, so petrified. As they should be. In the presence of such greatness as mine and even Illyria's. They should bow before us, weak minded mortals. So smug these beings, haughty in the miniscule amount of power they had. Or...

Thought they had. Snatching the child from whichever fool possessed it I snapped its neck in my jaws, the crunch of weak bone appeasing me greatly. Their fate was sealed now. They could not prevent the end now, their hope was smashed. I would rule them, they would know me as their god. Once I crushed Illyria all would be well.
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